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Twice for Sabraski as Schmidt Doubles

September 29, 2012

Granite City Speedway
By: R.J. Sahlstrom

After the racing was completed on the initial day of the inaugural Granite City Speedway Gold Cup it was hard to imagine that the second day could potentially be better. The middle day of the triple-header showcased 132 race teams in five WISSOTA classes. It also boasted four National WISSOTA point leaders in the house out of five classes represented. Sponsoring the final weekend of the 2012 season was Brandl Motors and Bradshaw & Bryant Trial Lawyers.

The race action was on the top shelf as Shane Sabraski double-dipped feature wins in the Super Stocks and Midwest Modifieds. Brad Schmidt took top honors in the Street Stocks for the second night in a row. The other WISSOTA/AMSOIL Dirt Track Racing Series victories were sweeps for Dave Cain, and Rob VanMil.

The WISSOTA Modifieds were led to the Feature green by Don Eischens and Shane Sabraski. Breaking out to the front of the class when the initial green flag flew was Sabraski. He bested the rest until the yellow lights blinked on the ninth round. Two cars met on the front straight with Jeff Maasch taking an early exit to the pits. Clayton Wagamon passed Sabraski on the very next lap and embarked on a journey that would lead him towards the winner’s payday. He drove a masterful race and encountered the tail of the field when about two-thirds of the event was complete. During the first 29 laps current WISSOTA National point leader Dave Cain worked his way to the runner-up position from a row four start. The gap between Wagamon and Cain decreased with each lap that was turned. Cain caught up to the back of Wagamon’s car down the back straightaway on the white flag lap. Cain squeaked by Wagamon in turn four to take the win and complete a clean sweep. Cain took the Tim’s Automotive and Machine powered ride into victory lane trailed by Wagamon, Sabraski, Dan Ebert and JT Johnson.

Modified heat race victories were claimed by Dave Cain, Don Eischens and Shane Sabraski.

Setting the pace of the WISSOTA Super Stock field to green in the feature were Shane Sabraski and Mike Frolik. Sabraski, who was tied with Tim Johnson for the WISSOTA National point lead going into the triple-header, took command of the event from the start. He caught the back of the field before ten of the twenty-five rounds were completed. During the last fifteen laps of caution-free racing Sabraski drove hard and held off the strong field to take the trophy. He wheeled the North Branch Self Storage entry to victory lane followed by Dave Mass (from 10th), Johnson, Dan Gullikson and Cory Tammen.

The Super Stock heat race wins went to Dave Read, Frolik and Johnson.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modified field was the largest for the second night in a row. Filling the last two rows for the main event required a B-Feature. Added to the back of the A-Main line-up were Jeremy Nelson, Christopher Zenner, Jonathan Olmscheid and Ryan Studanski. Sitting on row one for the feature were Denis Czech and Corey Eystad. Czech grabbed the early lead for the first two laps. Shane Sabraski took his first shot at the checkers on the third circuit and put on a driving clinic through the sixteenth round. On lap seventeen Jeremy Nelson had worked his way into the top five after starting in the 21st position. He got tangled with Corey Koenig and his excellent forward movement was completely reversed. He was sent to the tail on the restart as Sabraski continued his drive towards the checkers. Czech grabbed the lead from Sabraski on the white-flag lap. The two battled on the last circuit for the front spot and Sabraski was able to get his second and final lead of the contest. He took his second trophy of the program and drove the Scott’s Engine Shop powered ride to the checkers. Following him to the finish line were Czech, Bud Martini (from 12th), Eystad and Kyle Matuska (from 19th).

The Midwest Modified heat winners were Czech, Dan Ebert, Koenig and Sabraski.

On the front row for the WISSOTA Street Stock feature were Ryan Pommerer and Doug Miller. Pommerer led the initial circuit until being passed by Brad Schmidt on lap two. The current WISSOTA National Rookie of the Year point leader would set the pace from that point forward. He would need to survive three separate yellows on laps 12, 16 and 17. The first two were for William Brenny and Kyle Howland who both took a turn spinning out in turn two. The final yellow was for Mike Jans saw an excellent drive come to an end as he suffered a race-ending battle with the front straightaway wall. On the final restart Schmidt was able to continue his winning ways in the Guy’s Towing ride. Current WISSOTA National point leader Dave Read would finish in the runner-up spot after starting 12th. He was followed by Keith Tourville, Adam Soltis (from 13th) and Kurt Becken.

The Street Stock heat checkers were taken by Tourville, Justin Pogones and Miller.

Leading the field to the WISSOTA Mod-4 feature green were Mike Rau and Mitch Hribar. Rau became the first of only two leaders in the event that would go without a single caution. He led the first five circuits until he was passed by Rob VanMil on lap six. The defending WISSOTA National Champion took command at that point and never looked back. He rolled the Corry’s Car Care entry into victory lane to finish a clean sweep. Chasing him at the finish were Hribar, Aaron Wetterlin, Dustin Zieske (from 12th) and Landon Atkinson.

The current WISSOTA National Rookie point leader Tommy Bawden won the first heat race. VanMil and Atkinson won the other two heat races in the Mod-4 class.


WISSOTA Modified

Heat 1: Cain, Mass, Ebert, Voigt, Heikkinen, Alexander, VanKlompenberg, Willms

Heat 2: Eischens, T. Johnson, JT Johnson, Thoennes, Maasch, Hillukka, Hanson, Drews

Heat 3: Sabraski, Wagamon, Schultz, Stortz, Atkinson, Proell, Kyllonen, Ayotte, Thomas

Feature: Dave Cain, Clayton Wagamon, Shane Sabraski, Dan Ebert, JT Johnson, Dave Mass, Jason Voigt, Jason Thoennes, Don Eischens, Zach Schultz, Tim Johnson, Terry Hanson, Tim Alexander, Zach Drews, Logan Atkinson, Charlie Hillukka, Mike Kyllonen, Tony Proell, Tim Thomas, Randy VanKlompenberg, Adam Ayotte, Kent Willms, Scott Heikkinen, Jeff Maasch, JB Stortz

WISSOTA Super Stock

Heat 1: Read, Gullikson, Loomis, Mass, Berry, Lee, Preble, Heikkinen, Forcier

Heat 2: Frolik, Koch, Husmann, Ayotte, Tocheri, Malecki, Mings, Dik

Heat 3: Johnson, Tammen, Sabraski, Slinden, Weber, Collins, Cleveland, Lofdahl

Feature: Shane Sabraski, Dave Mass, Tim Johnson, Dan Gullikson, Cory Tammen, Mike Loomis, Dave Read, Chris Slinden, Cale Berry, Mike Frolik, Dexton Koch, Gary Husmann, Steve Weber, Cody Lee, Adam Ayotte, Donnie Lofdahl, Ronnie Malecki, Patrick Heikkinen, Dan Tocheri, Travis Forcier, Bob Preble, Danny Dik, Rick Mings, Allan Cleveland, Joel Collins

WISSOTA Midwest Modified

Heat 1: Czech, VandeKamp, Menson, T. Siercks, Voigt, Gill, Olmscheid, Wolkowski, Wagamon

Heat 2: Ebert, Froemming, Deters, Davis, Putnam, Nelson, Brenny, Matz

Heat 3: Koenig, Stewart, Lien, D. Siercks, Matuska, Zenner, Studanski, Auld

Heat 4: Sabraski, Eystad, Martini, Schulte, Hoffman, Zander, Frolik, Skindelien

B-Feature: Nelson, Zenner, Olmscheid, Studanski, Tom Gill, Charlie Zander, Wade Skindelien, Tyler Matz, Mike Brenny, Dustin Auld, Jon Frolik, Cody Wolkowski, Clayton Wagamon

A-Feature: Shane Sabraski, Denis Czech, Bud Martini, Corey Eystad, Kyle Matuska, Jason VandeKamp, Jeffrey Lien, Jr., Tim Siercks, Corey Koenig, Chris Menson, Kurt Deters, Jeremy Nelson, Justin Froemming, Zach Stewart, Dave Siercks, Jason Hoffman, Joe Voigt, Ryan Putnam, Ricky Davis, Christopher Zenner, Jonathan Olmscheid, Travis Schulte, Dan Ebert, Ryan Studanski

WISSOTA Street Stock

Heat 1: Tourville, Jans, Schmidt, Burrows, Soltis, Baron, Blacklance, Blowers

Heat 2: Pogones, Blood, Wollak, Kostreba, Howland, Ennenga, Foss, Huston

Heat 3: Miller, Becken, Pommerer, Read, Blom, Myers, Brenny

Feature: Brad Schmidt, Dave Read, Keith Tourville, Adam Soltis, Kurt Becken, Doug Miller, Adam Burrows, Justin Pogones, Ryan Kostreba, Mark Blom, Christina Wollak, Mike Blowers, Mark Blood, Kyle Howland, Scott Baron, Ryan Pommerer, William Brenny, Grady Myers, Dan Foss, Terry Blacklance, Mike Jans, Lance Ennenga, Jake Huston


Heat 1: Bawden, Rau, Hribar, Lindquist, Olson, Jelacie, Erdmann, Garin, Walentini

Heat 2: R. VanMil, T. Larson, Wetterlin, Bjerken, D. Larson, Esler, Halls, Kellen

Heat 3: Atkinson, Thell, Funt, Zieske, C. VanMil, Gilyard, Flickinger, Buer

Feature: Rob VanMil, Mitch Hribar, Aaron Wetterlin, Dustin Zieske, Landon Atkinson, Kyle Thell, Mike Rau, Brandon Lindquist, Tyler Larson, Dwight Gilyard, Chad Funt, Dean Larson, Corry VanMil, Jamie Flickinger, Tommy Bawden, Ryan Buer, Jerry Esler, Brandon Kellen, Adam Olson, Bryce Bjerken, Nick Jelacie, Jim Erdmann, Abby Garin, Matt Halls, Steve Walentini