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Sabraski Triple-dips as Cain Springs Twice

September 30, 2012

Granite City Speedway
By: R.J. Sahlstrom

Race fans poured into the grandstands for Fan Appreciation Day at the Granite City Speedway. The final day of the 2012 season and the inaugural Gold Cup was ready to blast into action. Five WISSOTA classes were ready to take flight along with the Northern Vintage Stock Car Racers (NVSR). Sponsoring the final weekend of the 2012 season was Brandl Motors and Bradshaw & Bryant Trial Lawyers.

The race action was awesome as Shane Sabraski garnered his third Super Stock feature win in three days.  Dave Cain took the final trip to the NAPA victory lane for the season as he swept the Modifieds for the second consecutive night. The other WISSOTA/AMSOIL Dirt Track Racing Series victories went to Dan Ebert, Dave Read and Landon Atkinson.

The WISSOTA Modifieds were led to the Feature green by Zach Drews and Dave Cain. The only time the caution lights blinked was on the first lap as the pole sitters got together. This resulted in Drews getting a one-way ticket to the rear for the restart. Shane Sabraski got by Cain when the green flew and would hold that position for the first two circuits. Cain took it back on the very next lap and went to work on the winning payday. Things got very interesting as the front of the pack met the back somewhere around lap twelve. Cain was able to keep his tough competitors at bay as he led all remaining laps in his Eibach Springs sponsored rocket sweeping the field for the second race program in a row. Following the current WISSOTA National Point Leader to the finish line were Dan Ebert, Dave Mass, Sabraski and JT Johnson.

Modified heat race victories were claimed by Cain, Logan Atkinson and Johnson.

Pacing the WISSOTA Super Stock field to green in the feature were Cory Tammen and Dave Read. Read took the early lead on the first lap when three cars met in turn two bringing out the first of four cautions on the second round. Tim Johnson rose to the occasion and grabbed the lead on the restart until Gary Sack lost control on the front straight and drew the next yellow flag. Johnson went back to the grind when the green flew and commanded the next few laps when another yellow flew on the ninth circuit for Denny Schouveller in turn two. The green flew for Johnson again as Shane Sabraski climbed behind Johnson and went around him to take the front on the thirteenth lap. The caution lights blinked one final time on lap fourteen for debris in front of the grandstand. Sabraski dominated from the restart forward rolling the West Metro Buick/GMC entry into victory lane for a three-for-three feature performance in the Super Stocks. Chasing him in the tight WISSOTA National point standings at the end were Dave Mass, Johnson, Dan Gullikson and Donnie Lofdahl.

The Super Stock heat race wins went to Mass, Tammen and Sabraski.

Sitting in the Pole Positions for the WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature were Corey Koenig and Denis Czech. Twenty-three drivers were scheduled to take the green flag and it would go the full distance without a single caution. Czech charged out to the front when the green dropped and set his sights on the checkers. He chased down the back of the field just past the half-way point of the race. Dan Ebert was on the prowl in the Arctic Cat sponsored ride and snuck up behind Czech on the twelfth circuit. Ebert found his way around Czech and pounced to the lead on lap thirteen. He weaved his way through traffic for the remaining laps earning the rights to victory lane. Trailing him at the end were Czech, Shane Sabraski, Jeremy Nelson and Justin Oestreich.

The Midwest Modified heat winners were Justin Oestreich, Shane Sabraski and Travis Schulte.

On row one for the WISSOTA Street Stock feature were Dave Read and Grady Myers. Read charged to the lead at the drop of the green with his sights set on the WISSOTA National Championship. He was pacing the field when the single yellow flag of the event flew on lap eight. Kurt Becken fell off the pace and required a caution. On the restart Read went back to command central and was leading when the signal was given for two laps to go. Keith Tourville made his way to the back of Read's car and took the lead on lap nineteen. His lead was short-lived as Read reclaimed the front spot on the final circuit and drove to the checkers in the Wollak Construction ride. Read made a short detour on the way to the winner’s circle and parked his car against the front straightaway wall. He revved up the motor and performed a fantastic burnout with smoke billowing out so huge that his car disappeared. This was followed by a thunderous round of applause from the fans in the stands. Trailing him in the runner-up spot was Tourville, followed by current WISSOTA Rookie point leader Brad Schmidt, Justin Pogones and Mike Blowers.

The Street Stock heat checkers were taken by Pogones and Tourville.

The WISSOTA Mod-4 field was led to the feature green by Bryce Bjerken and Jim Erdmann. This event would go from green to checkered with as the yellow lights fell asleep on the job. Bjerken would be the first of only two leaders and held the front spot for one lap only. He was passed on the second round by Landon Atkinson who took the green starting in row three. Atkinson grabbed the front spot and never looked back. Behind the Auto Value Parts Store entry at the finish was defending WISSOTA National Champion Rob VanMil. They were chased by Bjerken, Dean Larson and Aaron Wetterlin.

Tyler Larson, VanMil and Kyle Thell won the heat races in the Mod-4 class.

Nineteen drivers made up a solid field of cars with the NVSR. They took the excited crowd on a time warp to the pages of dirt track racing history. Tom Stettner battled his way to victory in the Full-Bodied division. Leading every lap Mike Bjorklund grabbed the checkers in the Super Modified class.

This exciting triple-header put a close to the history-making season at Granite City Speedway. It was made possible by all of the businesses and individuals that supported the track as the Sauk Rapids oval came back to life. Pleased stay tuned to the track website for details on the 2012 Season Banquet, off-season news and the happenings about the upcoming 2013 events. 


WISSOTA Modified

Heat 1: Cain, Sabraski, Ebert, Zeller, Willms, VanKlompenberg

Heat 2: Atkinson, Mass, Thomas, Hanson, Ayotte, Wagamon

Heat 3: JT Johnson, Voigt, Drews, T. Johnson, Alexander, Trautner

Feature: Dave Cain, Dan Ebert, Dave Mass, Shane Sabraski, JT Johnson, Logan Atkinson, Jason Voigt, Tim Johnson, Terry Hanson, Mark Trautner, Zach Drews, Tim Thomas, Kent Willms, Tim Alexander, Adam Ayotte, Randy VanKlompenberg, Clayton Wagamon, Larry Zeller

WISSOTA Super Stock

Heat 1: Mass, Johnson, Gullikson, Slinden, Weber, Lofdahl, Husmann, B. Schouveller

Heat 2: Tammen, Trantina, Tocheri, Fitzsimmons, D. Schouveller, Sack, Forcier

Heat 3: Sabraski, Koch, Read, Malecki, Loomis, Ayotte, Preble

Feature: Shane Sabraski, Dave Mass, Tim Johnson, Dan Gullikson, Donnie Lofdahl, Cory Tammen, Dexton Koch, Dave Read, Mike Loomis, Chris Slinden, Steve Weber, Larry Fitzsimmons, Dan Tocheri, Ronnie Malecki, Adam Ayotte, Travis Forcier, James III Trantina, Bob Preble, Bruce Schouveller, Denny Schouveller, Gary Sack, Gary Husmann

WISSOTA Midwest Modified

Heat 1: Oestreich, Nelson, Czech, Martini, Lien, Blood, Shiek, Gill

Heat 2: Sabraski, Koenig, Matuska, Voigt, Olmscheid, Zander, Davis, Eystad

Heat 3: Schulte, Ebert, VandeKamp, Roggatz, Sertich, Skindelien, Putnam

A-Feature: Dan Ebert, Denis Czech, Shane Sabraski, Jeremy Nelson, Justin Oestreich, Bud Martini, Jason VandeKamp, Corey Koenig, Kyle Matuska, Joe Voigt, Josh Roggatz, Jeffrey Lien, Jr., Travis Schulte, Corey Eystad, Jonathan Olmscheid, Mark Blood, John Sertich, Charlie Zander, Charlie Shiek, Ryan Putnam, Tom Gill, Wade Skindelien, Ricky Davis

WISSOTA Street Stock

Heat 1: Pogones, Blowers, Read, Schmidt, Pommerer, Kern, Ennenga

Heat 2: Tourville, Becken, Landmark, Myers, Wollak, Burrows, Johnson

Feature: Dave Read, Keith Tourville, Brad Schmidt, Justin Pogones, Mike Blowers, Ryan Pommerer, Darrin Landmark, Christina Wollak, Josh Kern, Kurt Becken, Adam Burrows, Grady Myers, Tracy Johnson, Lance Ennenga


Heat 1: T. Larson, D. Larson, Erdmann, Esler, Rau, Kellen, Nohner, Lindquist

Heat 2: R. VanMil, Wetterlin, Gilyard, Zieske, Bawden, Olson, Buer

Heat 3: Thell, Atkinson, Bjerken, Hribar, C. VanMil, Flickinger, Funt

Feature: Landon Atkinson, Rob VanMil, Bryce Bjerken, Dean Larson, Aaron Wetterlin, Kyle Thell, Dustin Zieske, Chad Funt, Dwight Gilyard, Jamie Flickinger, Mitch Hribar, Corry VanMil, Jerry Esler, Ryan Buer, Brandon Kellen, Tommy Bawden, Jim Erdmann, Adam Olson, Mike Rau, Tyler Larson, Gary Nohner, Brandon Lindquist