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Drivers Get Out the Brooms in All Classes

July 13, 2012

Granite City Speedway
By: R.J. Sahlstrom (July 10)

Due to a number of early season cancellations at Granite City Speedway some rain dates were inserted into the schedule. One of these became a Tuesday night program sponsored by Gilman Co-op Creamery and RDO Equipment Company. A double sweep in the WISSOTA/AMSOIL Dirt Track Racing Series went to Tim Johnson. Single sweeps were claimed by Bud Martini, Justin Pogones and Josh Abrahamson.

The WISSOTA Modifieds were led to the Feature green by Tim Johnson and Matt Weisman. Johnson jumped out to the early lead on the first circuit. The first of two yellows flew on lap six as Tony Proell connected with another car on the back straight resulting in a trip to the back on the restart. Johnson bolted back out to the lead on the next lap and would be out front for the last caution. It flew for Clayton Wagamon who came to a stop in turn 2 as a result of losing his brakes. As the last restart unfolded Johnson went back to his quest for the checkers. Eric Martini had his efforts for a clean sweep disappear as he suffered a flat tire on lap thirteen, but he got off the racing surface avoiding a yellow. Johnson blazed the trail for all remaining laps taking the Crow Wing Recycling entry to victory lane. Behind him at the finish were Dan Ebert, Jason Voigt, Shawn Fletcher and Shane Sabraski.

Johnson completed a clean sweep as he won the first Modified heat race. Eric Martini followed suit in the second heat.

Leading the WISSOTA Super Stock field to green in the feature were Dave Read and Derrick Lemke. Read took a brief lead for one lap until being passed by Sabraski in a borrowed car on lap two. Read then took his second lead of the contest on lap three. The race would go all the way without a single caution. Tim Johnson became the third and final leader on lap four to cap off the second clean sweep for his evening’s efforts. Chasing the Wollak Construction ride at the checkers were Read, Sabraski, Josh Anderson and Lemke.

The Super Stock heat race win went to Johnson.

On the front row when the green flag dropped for the WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature were Shane Sabraski and Joe Voigt. Sabraski set sail for victory lane as he would be out front on lap one. The first of five cautions came out on the second round for Christopher Zenner who suffered some mechanical issues. Another yellow light blinked on lap five for Dustin Auld. Jon Frolik had been battling for a top five finish, but saw his hopes disappear as he headed to the pits during the lap five caution. On the restart Bud Martini became the second and last leader of the main event. Caution number three arose on lap seven as Travis Schulte and Corey Koenig tangled with each other in turn 4. Marc Miller drew the next caution as he lost tire pressure on lap nine. The last yellow reared its head as Denis Czech and Jason VandeKamp held an unscheduled meeting in turn 2 on the tenth circuit. VandeKamp was declared the cause of the meeting and was sent to the rear of the field. While all this was taking place Martini maintained his advantage over the strong field. He led all remaining laps in the Martini Auto Parts sponsored entry completing a clean sweep followed by Czech. Jeremy Nelson climbed to the third spot from a start inside row eight. Rounding out the top five were Sabraski and Brandon Hines.

The Midwest Modified first heat race victories went to Martini, Sabraski and Hines.

On the front row for the WISSOTA Street Stock feature were Justin Pogones and John Adams. Pogones would lake command of the race from the very first lap. Dave Read moved through the field to third place on lap five from a row four start. As the race moved forward John Adams would drop into the infield on the fifteenth round. The yellow lights never blinked during the 20 lap main event. Pogones never looked back in the Scott’s Engine Shop powered ride to execute a sweep of his competitors. Trailing him at the checkers were Kurt Becken, Read, Travis Ulmer from Mandan, North Dakota and Ben Rothstein.

The Street Stock heat checkers were claimed by Read and Pogones.

The WISSOTA Mod-4 field was led to the feature green by Ross Mead and Matt Halls. The caution flag flew two separate times as the field tried to complete the first circuit. Both instances were a multi-car incident that resulted in various line-up changes. Halls took the front spot from the start and would pace the rest through lap nine. Josh Abrahamson would be the only other leader of the event as he passed Halls on lap ten on his way to a clean sweep in the Winter Wilson Siding sponsored car. Halls finished in the runner-up position followed by Kyle Thell, Tyler Larson and Chad Funt.

Halls won heat race one in the Mod-4 class and Abrahamson won heat two.

On the front row for the Hobby Stock feature were the Thells; Dan and Keith. Keith took the lead for the first two laps until he spun out in turn 4 on the third round. He went to the back on the restart as Taylor Willms dropped out with mechanical problems. Tim Lavoi took the lead on the restart and held it when the yellow came out for the last time on lap six. Cody Buchheit stopped on the race surface as he lost power. Lavoi continued his trek towards the checkers on the restart and never looked back to earn a sweep. Chasing him at the finish were Adam Thompson, Keith Thell, Dan Thell and Kurt Notch.

The next events at Granite City Speedway will be Sunday racing programs on July 15th and 22nd.  The first green flag drops at 5:00pm. If you are looking for a new venue for some exciting dirt track racing on a Sunday evening, come out to the Granite City Speedway.



WISSOTA Modified

Heat 1: Johnson, Sabraski, Hanson, Voigt, Wagamon, Fletcher, Williams

Heat 2: Martini, Weisman, Ebert, Gierke, Atkinson, Proell

Feature: Tim Johnson, Dan Ebert, Jason Voigt, Shawn Fletcher, Shane Sabraski, Terry Hanson, Curly Williams, Bob Gierke, Matt Weisman, Tony Proell, Logan Atkinson, Eric Martini, Clayton Wagamon

WISSOTA Super Stock

Heat: Johnson, Read, Anderson, Sabraski, Lemke

Feature: Tim Johnson, Dave Read, Shane Sabraski, Josh Anderson, Derrick Lemke

WISSOTA Midwest Modified

Heat 1: Martini, Eystad, Zenner, Auld, Lien, Engholm, Barrett

Heat 2: Sabraski, Voigt, Czech, Schulte, Shiek, Studanski, Ebert

Heat 3: Hines, Frolik, VandeKamp, Koenig, Nelson, Miller

Feature: Bud Martini, Denis Czech, Jeremy Nelson, Shane Sabraski, Brandon Hines, Corey Koenig, Corey Eystad, Joe Voigt, Ryan Studanski, Jason VandeKamp, Scott Engholm, Charlie Shiek, Mark Miller, Dave Barrett, Dustin Auld, Travis Schulte, Jon Frolik, Christopher Zenner, Jeffery Lien, Jr., Dan Ebert

WISSOTA Street Stock

Heat 1: Read, Ulmer, Adams, Becken, McCain

Heat 2: Pogones, Rothstein, Wollak, Maus-Krippner, Rein

Feature: Justin Pogones, Kurt Becken, Dave Read, Travis Ulmer, Ben Rothstein, Christina Wollak, Tiffany Maus-Krippner, Dan McCain, John Adams, Mark Rein


Heat 1: Halls, Thell, T. Larson, Funt, Gilyard, Rau, Lavoi, T. Kellen, Jelacie

Heat 2: Abrahamson, Mead, Bawden, B. Kellen, Lindquist, D. Larson, Mayavski, Atkinson

Feature: Josh Abrahamson, Matt Halls, Kyle Thell, Tyler Larson, Chad Funt, Brandon Kellen, Ross Mead, Dean Larson, Mike Rau, Dwight Gilyard, Tommy Bawden, Brandon Lindquist, Nick Jelacie, Brady Lavoi, Andy Mayavski, Thomas Kellen, Landon Atkinson

Hobby Stocks

Heat: Lavoi, Buchheit, D. Thell, Willms, K. Thell, Thompson, Notch

Feature: Tim Lavoi, Adam Thompson, Keith Thell, Dan Thell, Kurt Notch, Cody Buchheit, Taylor Willms