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Checkers for Cain and Wagamon; Sweeps for Johnson, Martini, Read and Thell

June 25, 2012

Granite City Speedway
By: R.J. Sahlstrom (June 24)

The weather couldn’t have been better at Granite City Speedway as 101 race teams signed in at the pit gate. Drivers in five WISSOTA classes and the Hornets were ready to charge for the checkers in the program sponsored by Gilleland Chevrolet.

WISSOTA/AMSOIL Dirt Track Racing Series clean sweeps went to Tim Johnson, Bud Martini, Dave Read and Kyle Thell. Dave Cain and Clayton Wagamon also made trips to victory lane.

The WISSOTA Modifieds were led to the Feature green by John Sertich and Clayton Wagamon. Wagamon blasted out to the lead on lap one. He would drive a great race through the mid-point of the contest as Dave Cain clawed his way to the runner-up position from a row 5 start. Cain did everything he could during the last half of the race to take the front spot from Wagamon, but fell just short at the checkers. Wagamon took the Ford Racing powered ride into the winner’s circle chased by Cain, Jason Voigt, Eric Martini (from 12th) and Curt Myers.

Modified heat race victories were claimed by Shane Sabraski, Dan Ebert and Cain.

A Make-up feature for the Modifieds was needed to complete the program halted by rain on June 17th. On the front row were Don Eischens and Tim Johnson. Johnson took a brief lead on lap one until the caution lights blinked on lap two. The two restarts in the race would prove to be vital to the final outcome. Eischens blasted to the lead on the first restart and would be there through lap nine. The final yellow of the main event came out on lap ten for a car spinning in turn 4. On the final restart Dave Cain attained the lead and dominated from that point forward to drive the Tim’s Automotive Machine powered rocket to the checkers. Behind him at the end were Shane Sabraski (from 9th), Eric Martini (from 10th), Eischens and JB Stortz.

Setting the pace of the WISSOTA Super Stock field to green in the feature were Seth Kramer and Brett Dulas. Kramer took the lead on the first round and would trade it back and forth with the current WISSOTA National Rookie of the Year point leader Dexton Koch on laps two and three. Kramer held the lead until Tim Johnson passed him low in turn 2 on lap nine. Johnson set his sights on victory lane getting detoured once for a caution on lap nineteen. He survived a green-white-checker finish to the main event capping off a clean sweep in the Crow Wing Recycling ride. Following him to the finish were Dave Read, Kramer, Dulas and Koch.

The Super Stock heat race wins went to Dave Mass and Johnson.

Sitting on row one for the WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature were Jeffrey Lien, Jr. and Denis Czech. Czech grabbed the lead on lap one and would best the rest until a caution came out on lap twelve for a spin out in turn 2. Czech continued his quest for victory lane on the restart until he was passed by Bud Martini for an apparent lead on lap sixteen. As Martini took the lead the yellow flag flew for a car spinning in turn 2. The line-up on the restart went back to the last fully scored lap when Czech was still the leader. Czech led the two laps following the restart when Martini put in another bid to take the lead. This time his bid was successful as he went by Czech on lap eighteen on his way to the checkers and a clean sweep for his efforts. Following his Plato’s Closet entry to the finish line were Czech, Jeffery Lien Jr., Allen Gessell, Jr. and Shane Sabraski.

The Midwest Modified heat winners were Dan Ebert, Sabraski and Martini.

On the front row for the WISSOTA Street Stock feature were Pat Zerfas and Tiffany Maus-Krippner. Zerfas led the initial circuit until being passed by Brad Schmidt on lap two. The current WISSOTA National Rookie of the Year point leader would lead through lap twelve. Lap thirteen proved to be the turning point in the race as Schmidt dug too hard into turn 4 and spun out. He went to the back on the restart resulting in Dave Read inheriting the lead from a row 4 start. Read would lead from that point on to complete a clean sweep in the Wollak Construction entry. Kevin Schmidt would finish in the runner-up spot followed by Chad Classen (from 9th), Kurt Becken (from 10th) and Josh Laney (from 11th).

The Street Stock heat checkers were taken by Read and K. Schmidt.

Leading the field to the WISSOTA Mod-4 feature green were Ross Mead and Tommy Sabraski. Sabraski held the front spot from the start until the only caution in the event came out on lap six for a car spinning in turn 3. Sabraski took over on the restart where he left off before the yellow and led through lap nine. Kyle Thell weaved his way by traffic from a row four start to take the lead on lap ten. He made a nice pass by Sabraski on the low side of turn 2. Thell led the second half of the event to finish off a clean sweep in the Stearns County Abstract Company sponsored ride. He was chased at the finish by Matt Halls, Mead, Dean Larson and Mitch Hribar.

Thell and Larson won the heat races in the Mod-4 class.

On the front row for the Hornet Feature were Matthew Dibb and Brady Novak. Dibb bolted out to the early lead on lap one until a caution came out on lap three when two cars got together in turn 4. Dibb retained the lead on the restart and held the front spot through lap nine. All the while Brandon Mehrwerth had worked his way up through the field to challenge Dibb for the lead on lap ten. Mehr werth made a successful pass for the lead and never looked back to finish a clean sweep. He was followed to the checkers in the Bud Jones & Sons Auto Salvage entry by Dibb, Chris Keeney, Jameson Sietsema and Mike Schmidt.

Taking the wins in the Hornet heats were Mehrwerth and Keeney.

The next events at Granite City Speedway will be a regular Sunday racing program on July 1st.  The first green flag drops at 5:00pm. Also an added attraction will be the Independence Day Special on July 4th. It will start at 7:00pm. If you are looking for a new venue for some exciting dirt track racing on a Sunday night, come out to the Granite City Speedway.


WISSOTA Modified

Make-up Feature from 6/17: Dave Cain, Shane Sabraski, Eric Martini, Don Eischens, JB Stortz, Dave Mass, Dan Ebert, Tim Johnson, Curt Myers, Jason Voigt, Ryan Canon, Brett Hoium, Curly Williams, Tony Proell, John Sertich Logan Atkinson, Brady Gerdes

Heat 1: Sabraski, Sertich, Hoium, Canon, Gerdes, Williams, Mass

Heat 2: Ebert, Wagamon, Myers, Johnson, Fletcher, Atkinson, Eischens

Heat 3: Cain, Voigt, Stortz, Martini, Rolfson, Proell

Feature: Clayton Wagamon, Dave Cain, Jason Voigt, Eric Martini, Curt Myers, Brett Hoium, Dan Ebert, Shane Sabraski, JB Stortz, Tim Johnson, Ryan Canon, Dave Mass, Shawn Fletcher, John Sertich, Brady Gerdes, Curly Williams, Ed Rolfson, Jr., Tony Proell, Logan Atkinson, Don Eischens

WISSOTA Super Stock

Heat 1: Mass, Kramer, Dulas, Koch, O’Brien, Patchen

Heat 2: Johnson, Sabraski, Read, Goetz, Kraemer, Troupe

Feature: Tim Johnson, Dave Read, Seth Kramer, Brett Dulas, Dexton Koch, Dave Mass, Jake Goetz, Kevin Kraemer, Tim Patchen, Kevin Troupe, Shane Sabraski, Tim O’Brien

WISSOTA Midwest Modified

Heat 1: Ebert, Czech, Lien, Flowers, Koenig, Eystad, Auld, Barrett, Miller

Heat 2: Sabraski, VandeKamp, Studanski, Schulte, Brenny, Zenner, Sniezek, Kraemer

Heat 3: Martini, Gessell, Johnson, Rizer, Voigt, Schleusner, Shiek, Gill

A-Feature: Bud Martini, Denis Czech, Jeffery Lien Jr., Allen Gessell, Jr., Shane Sabraski, Dan Ebert, Todd Rizer, Tim Johnson, Travis Schulte, Dan Flowers, Ryan Studanski, Corey Koenig, Joe Voigt, Corey Eystad, Ryan Schleusner, Mike Brenny, Christopher Zenner, Charlie Shiek, George Sniezek, Tom Gill, Dustin Auld, Marc Miller, Kevin Kraemer, Dave Barrett, Jason VandeKamp

WISSOTA Street Stock

Heat 1: Read, B. Schmidt, Maus-Krippner, Goulet, Classen, Laney, Voigt, Adams 

Heat 2: K. Schmidt, Pogones, Zerfas, Wollak, Becken, Burrows, McCain, Rein

Feature: Dave Read, Kevin Schmidt, Chad Classen, Kurt Becken, Josh Laney, Pat Zerfas, Christina Wollak, Brad Schmidt, Justin Pogones, Adam Burrows, Dan McCain, Mark Rein, John Adams, Mark Voigt, David Goulet, Tiffany Maus-Krippner


Heat 1: Thell, Mead, Funt, Sabraski, Hribar, T. Kellen, Mayavski, Peterson

Heat 2: Larson, Halls, Flickinger, Rau, Lindquist, B. Kellen, Atkinson, Olson

Feature: Kyle Thell, Matt Halls, Ross Mead, Dean Larson, Mitch Hribar, Mike Rau, Jamie Flickinger, Brandon Kellen, Adam Olson, Brandon Lindquist, Landon Atkinson, Mark Peterson, Andy Mayavski, Thomas Kellen, Tommy Sabraski, Chad Funt


Heat 1: Mehrwerth, Novak, Schmidt, L. Paulson, Gallagher, Zerfas

Heat 2: Keeney, Dibb, Sietsema, J. Paulson, Schmitz, Laney

Feature: Brandon Mehrwerth, Matthew Dibb, Chris Keeney, Jameson Sietsema, Mike Schmidt, Josh Paulson, John Schmitz, Brady Novak, Lexi Gallagher, Tyler Laney, Larry Paulson, Maddie Zerfas