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Granite City Class Descriptions

Modifieds (M)

Sophisticated, high powered modified stock car. Rear wheels are covered by fenders, front wheels are open, has a rear spoiler.  Engine 360 “Spec” and up to 406 cubic inches.

Super Stocks (SS)

Thinner tires, no rear spoiler, maximum engine of 360 cubic inches, limited to 2 barrel carburetor.

Midwest Modifieds (MWM)

Limited version of the Modifieds described above.  Restricted engine package and suspension rules and the body lines are more conservative.

Hobby Stocks (HS)

Cars are limited to one 2-barrel carburetor, 7-inch street stock tires, and unlocked passenger car differentials.  Many hobby stock drivers are newcomers to the sport.

Hornets (HOR)

Front wheel drive, four cylinder stock, single cam engine.

Street Stocks (ST)

Most “stock” appearing – usually Monte Carlo or Grand Prix late 70’s/early 80’s style.  Engines range from 307 to 350 cubic inches.

Mod Fours (M4)

Wissota’s only four cylinder division provide fast-paced action, short wheel base.