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VandeKamp Victorious At Granite City Opener

May 14, 2012

While Mass Double Dips Mods and Supers

Granite City Speedway
By: R.J. Sahlstrom (May 13)

History was made tonight as the Granite City Speedway opened its gates for the Grand Opener. The stands were filled to almost capacity as dirt track racing came back to life in Sauk Rapids. Excellent racing in all divisions was the order as at least 104 race teams signed in at the pit gates. As the first cars entered the track for hot laps the crowd welcomed the drivers with a huge applause. From that point forward they were all treated to an event that they will remember for a long time.

The WISSOTA Dirt Track Racing Series Modifieds boasted a very strong field. Heat race victories went to Dave Cain and Shane Sabraski. Lined up on the front row for the Feature were main event were Dave Mass and Brett Hoium. Mass wasted no time at all as he shot into the race lead on lap one. He blazed a trail in his Shaw Trucking rocket by leading every lap and winning his second trip to victory lane for his efforts. He was followed by Cain, Jason Voigt, Danny Bayer and Shane Sabraski.

The WISSOTA Super Stock heats saw Shane Sabraski and Dan Gullikson take the checkers. Adam Ayotte and Steve Weber led the field to the green flag for the Feature. Ayotte would take the early lead for lap one only to be passed by Dave Read on lap two. Dave Mass took control of the race as he passed Read for the lead on lap three and never looked back. He rode his Affordable Chassis into the winners circle for the second time tonight. He was trailed by Sabraski, Read, Gullikson and Gary Husmann.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds had the highest car count for any class as 25 drivers registered at the pit gate. Heat winners were Shane Sabraski, Danny Vang and Jason VandeKamp. On the front row for the Feature were Jeremy Nelson and VandeKamp. Nelson grabbed the lead on lap one and drove a masterful race leading through lap seventeen. VandeKamp took his first shot at the lead as he passed Nelson on the front straight on lap eighteen only to have it erased by a caution flag. Nelson was back in front on the restart and VandeKamp repeated his effort to take the lead again. This time it would count as he led the last three laps of the race in the FYE Motorsports entry to complete a clean sweep for his efforts. Chasing him at the checkers were Nelson, Dan Ebert, Sabraski and Ryan Studanski.

The WISSOTA Street Stock heats were won by Keith Tourville, Adam Burrows and John Adams. Leading the field to the green for the Feature were Adams and Ryan Kostreba. Adams took the early lead on lap one and led through lap six. Justin Pogones became the second leader of the race as he passed Adams on lap seven and would stay in front for the next three laps. Dave Read executed a nice pass on the hub in turn two to take charge on lap eleven. He stayed the course from that point forward to take the Mathew Hall Lumber car to the checkers. Trailing him at the finish line were Pogones, Burrows, Kostreba and Tourville.

The WISSOTA National Mod-4 class saw heat race wins go to Brandon Kellen, Dwight Gilyard and Dustin Zieske. Zieske and Kellen were on the front row for the Feature. Zieske took the lead on lap one and led the first three laps. Derek Brenny brought the crowd to the edge of their seats on the second circuit as he brought out a red flag by rolling down the front straight right in front of the flag stand. His car suffered some major damage, but he climbed out under his own power and was not injured. Kyle Thell took a brief lead at the beginning of lap four only to have Gilyard make a pass to officially lead it. He would remain there until Thell passed him in turn four on lap ten. Thell led all remaining laps to take the JT Electric sponsored ride to victory lane. He was followed to the checkers by Kellen, Gilyard, Mike Rau and Zieske.

David Eich took the checkers in the Pure Stock heat and Bill Nelson won the Feature.

The 2012 Inaugural season is now off to a super exciting start. The next event at Granite City Speedway will be a regular program on May 20th including Armed Forces Night. The first green flag drops at 5:00pm.  If you are looking for a new venue for some exciting dirt track racing on a Sunday night, come out to the Granite City Speedway. 


WISSOTA Modified
Heat 1: Cain, Johnson, Hoium, Voigt, Weisman, Eischens, Proell, Atkinson
Heat 2: Sabraski, Bayer, Mass, Ebert, Newberg, Canon, Williams, Tourville
Feature: Dave Mass, Dave Cain, Jason Voigt, Danny Bayer, Shane Sabraski, Dan Ebert, Don Eischens, Tim Johnson, Matt Weisman, Keith Tourville, Tony Proell, Curly Williams, Logan Atkinson, Curtis Newberg, Brett Hoium, Ryan Canon

WISSOTA Super Stock
Heat 1: Sabraski, Loomis, Read, S. Weber, Johnson, Yilek, Troupe, Mings, Trantina
Heat 2: Gullikson, Husmann, Mass, Ayotte, Koch, Kraemer, B. Weber, Fitzsimmons
Feature: Dave Mass, Shane Sabraski, Dave Read, Dan Gullikson, Gary Husmann, Tim Johnson, Dexton Koch, Adam Ayotte, John Yilek, Larry Fitzsimmons, Kevin Troupe, Kevin Kraemer, Mike Loomis, James III Trantina, Brian Weber, Steve Weber, Rick Mings

WISSOTA Midwest Modified
Heat 1: Sabraski, Fouquette, Olmscheid, Lien, Auld, Gill, Zenner, Miller, Czech
Heat 2: Vang, Blood, Smith, Voigt, Eystad, Sniezek, Flowers, Martini
Heat 3: VandeKamp, Nelson, Ebert, Rizer, Studanski, Koenig, Barrett, Kittridge
Feature: Jason VandeKamp, Jeremy Nelson, Dan Ebert, Shane Sabraski, Ryan Studanski, Bob Smith, Jeffery Lien, Jr., Corey Eystad, Chad Fouquette, Todd Rizer, Joe Voigt, Christopher Zenner, Tom Gill, Jonathan Olmscheid, Dustin Auld, Marc Miller, Dave Barrett, Bud Martini, George Sniezek, Dan Flowers, Corey Koenig, Danny Vang, Mark Blood, Denis Czech, Mitchell Kittridge

WISSOTA Street Stock
Heat 1: Tourville, Pogones, Kostreba, Maus-Krippner, Nelson, Rein, K. Laney
Heat 2: Burrows, Vogel, Schmidt, Becken, McCain, Voigt, Prieve
Heat 3: Adams, Read, Goulet, Zerfas, J. Laney, Claassen
Feature: Dave Read, Justin Pogones, Adam Burrows, Ryan Kostreba, Keith Tourville, David Goulet, John Adams, Brad Schmidt, Tiffany Maus-Krippner, Kurt Becken, Kyle Laney, Mark Rein, Adam Prieve, Mark Voigt, Dan McCain, Rick Nelson, Patrick Zerfas, Justin Vogel, Chad Claassen, Josh Laney

Heat 1: Kellen, Thell, Buer, Hribar, Bawden, Anderson, Lindquist
Heat 2: Gilyard, Funt, D. Larson, Brenny, Bloch, Mayauski
Heat 3: Zieske, T. Larson, Rau, Mead, Olson, Atkinson
Feature: Kyle Thell, Brandon Kellen, Dwight Gilyard, Mike Rau, Dustin Zieske, Chad Funt, Dean Larson, Tyler Larson, Ross Mead, Ryan Buer, Adam Olson, Brandon Lindquist, David Anderson, Mitch Hribar, Andy Mayauski, Derek Brenny, Tommy Bawden, Jason Bloch, Landon Atkinson

Pure Stocks
Heat: Eich, B. Nelson, Goedker, Olson, DeVries, Hager, Dosh, M. Nelson
Feature: Bill Nelson, Mark Olson, William DeVries, David Eich, Jason Goedker, Jessey Hager, David Dosh, Mike Nelson